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Who are we ?

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METEO OMNIUM offers solutions for weather stations and systems.

Our skills :

  • Design and manufacture of the weathers stations
  • Design and manufacture of the weathers sensors
  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of weather equipment
  • Meteorological training and technical maintenance
  • 24/7 assistance for operations personnel
  • Transfer, visualisation and posting weather data on the internet
  • Alert systems via SMS, IVR, email, internet
  • Communications (landline PSTN and ADSL, Mobile Data and GPRS, Ethernet, fiber optic, copper links…)
  • Developments in industrial IT (PC, WEB, embedded electronics…)



Industries covered :

  • Winter maintenance (roads, highways, airports...)
  • Monitoring ponds, water courses, snow depth
  • Research laboratories
  • Energy production (solar farm)
  • Agriculture


Our clients :

  • Interdepartmental Roads Departments (D.I.R)
  • Councils (C.G.)
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry (C.C.I.)
  • Agglomeration Communautés
  • Airports
  • Private roads and highways companies
  • Research laboratories (INRA, Colas, …)
  • Public institutions (Conservatoire du Littoral, …)
  • Weather forecasters (Météo France, Météo Group, …)
  • Construction companies
  • Road equipment manufacturers
  • For export: Road Authorities (example : Czech Republic)

We put our experience at your disposal to provide you with solutions that are reliable, quality and that always meet your needs.