Mains station

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The road weather station consists of the following :

  • An aluminium structure that supports airborne sensors and the electrics panel
  • A temperature sensor for air and relative humidity and its cover
  • A precipitation sensor
  • A MORS road sensor
  • An electrics panel with 230V mains plugs, 30 mA circuit breaker, automatic recloser, 12V DC, datalogger (MODE PCB)), and sensor connections
  • An electronic card (datalogger) that manages the airborne sensors and the road sensor(s)
  • A communication modem integrated into the electrics panels

Additional sensors :

  • Rain gauge
  • Anemometer
  • Vane
  • Cryopedometer
  • Visibility sensor
  • Overall radiation sensor

Possible additions

The installation of a vertical mast allows you to add airbornes sensors and to change the low station to a high version for optimal measurement of wind direction and speed.



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  • Aluminium structure protected by white paint powder-coated (warranty against corrosion*).
  • Mounted on a concrete bed by 4 pegs supporting winds of up to 220 km/h.
  • Airborne sensors attached tu the structure.
  • Cross-pieces welded onto the mast to avoid problems caused by vibrations
  • Cables installed inside the structure, no cables visible (preserves the life of PVC sheaths on electric cables that do not deal well with ultraviolet rays).

*Corrosion resistance : This equipment operates normally when subjected to climatic conditions of saline substances, chemicals used for salting roads and the exhaust fumes from vehicles.


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