High solar station

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Station ideal for remote locations and/or those with difficult access (mains power impossible), the solar energy operating system allows for a range of 15 to 21 days without sunshine.

The station is available in 90W and 130W models (depending on sensors and upgrade potential chosen: add sensors later).

The coated aluminium structure is guaranteed against corrosion.


The coated aluminium structure is guaranteed against corrosion.

  • Aluminium·frame: mast height 3900mm, plate 500x500, reinforcing gusset

  • Aluminium panel (dimensions 700x560 / 180mm deep), cover with welded brackets for installation of padlocks

  • Aluminium 50x50 cross-piece for TA/HR and PREC welded to the cabinet

  • Top frame angle 40x40x4 for 90W solar panel

  • Cross-piece for VV/DV tube 50x50 length 2000

  • Regulator, stabiliser, battery, terminals and fuses included







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