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MORS road sensor

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The smart road sensor MORS (patented system - Meteo Omnium Road Sensor) consists of an electronic board and probes which indicate with great precision:

  • road surface temperature
  • road temperature to -4 cm (posible addition optional up to -15 and -30 cm)
  • road surface state
  • freezing point of the road
  • percentage of residual road products on the roadway

The sensor performs measurements, analyses and processes the data and then transmits them.


Mechanical characteristics :

Dimensions : ø130 x 40 mm
Weight :
1,3 kg
Cable : 19 strands / 8 mm de diameter / maximum length of 450 m

Main features :

Temperature measurement range  : - 40°C to + 80°C
Accuracy :
± 0,1 °C
Sensing element :
platinum probe (PT100 Class A)
Freezing temperature :
from 0 to -20°C
Surface condition :
dry, moist, wet, dripping, moist salted, wet salted, frosty, snowy, icy
Products detected :
NaCL, MgCl, CaCL, Urea, Nitrate, Acetate, Potassium formate


The low power comsumption of the MORS sensor allows for power via solar panel.

The MORS can interface directly with a modem in the electrics panel located by the road and transmits its information.

With e GPRS modem, the MORS can send files independently to a web server.


install-carottage Implementation is very quick.
A simple ccircular core and a channel in the road are enough to place the MORS sensor and pass through its cable.
install-saignee Depending on  the sensitivities and operational norms, the MORS can be positioned in slow or fast lanes, in road lines or non-driven over lines.
Its thickness (40mm) is suitable for art structures (watertight sealing layer).
install-resine The specific resin used to hold it in the road provides a very good thermal conductivity and mechanical properties that give it a perfect seal and great resistance to shocks to the road (vibrations, heavy goods vehicles, snow ploughs…).
install-scellement After drying for 40 minutes, the road can be re-opened to traffic.

2 hours after the implementation, it is possible to view the measurements / data on the chosen system (PC or Internet).

  • road surface temperature