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METEO OMNIUM carries out preventive and corrective maintenance services on many stations (to date, more than 200 weather stations).

Our customers are mainly road operators, public and private (Councils, Interdepartmental Road Departments, highway companies...)

In the interests of efficiency and quality of maintenance service, we have established a precise methodology to optimise customer relations.

We are also able to ensure the maintenance of weather stations, sensors and equipment from different manufacturers.

For more information, please contact us.

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Preventive maintenance

We provide periodic monitoring of the installed equipment and its correct operation.
The frequency of visits varies depending on the sites (from 1 to 2 visits per year on site).

After each operation we write then send a works report.
Our methodology allows a more efficient preventive maintenance and information clear for the client.

Permanent phone and email contact is guaranteed for optimal monitoring.

Preparation before maintenance:

  • Monitoring data upstream to pre-diagnose and establish a list of issues to address
  • The maintenance programme agreed with the client

In the field:

  • Mechanical maintenance of the station (wiring, bolts, locks...)
  • Electrical maintenance (inspection of sensors, measurement verification, consistency and communication of data using certified standards)
  • Cleaning maintenance (cleaning of the station, its sensors and around the station)

This precise and detailed procedure and all operations and remarks are recorded in maintenance records per station approved by the client.

After maintenance:

  • Fast delivery of a documented report (photos) which summarises the work carried out by the maintenance service. Attached are the recommendations for the current year, the maintenance records for the stations, calibration certificates (in case of sensor replacement)...
  • Remote monitoring the proper operation of sensors and stations

Corrective maintenance

We can be called out quickly for a station that does not work, analyse the failure and restore equipment operations.

For all our call-outs we commit to providing a response within 24 hours, to being on-site within 48 hours and a repair in 72 hours.

After each operation we write then send a works report.
Corrective maintenance uses the same methodology as preventative maintenance.
In emergency corrective maintenance, responsiveness is critical.

Before work:

  • Attempt at problem solving remotely by client telephone or email support
  • Sending a telephone support form specifying the assistance offered
  • Monitoring call-outs via electronic information sharing

In the field:

  • Work on the station with general inspection of the station
  • Sending a call-out form with a statement of all operations performed on the ground.

After work:

  • Remote monitoring the proper operation of sensors and stations