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Water-bodies and watercourses

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When monitoring water bodies or streams is required, the float gauge is the right tool.

The float gauge or gauge station is a device for recording and transmitting measurements of heights in water or snow (at a given point) in a watercourse, or water body...

The heights are often given either in metres or in centimetres.
This height measurement can be converted into estimates of river flow using a calibration curve.

Our float gauges, placed at points that are particularly sensitive in the hydraulic system, can automatically read the water or snow level, to accurately track their change (in relation to a nearby road for example) and thus inform the technical personnel of any risk of overflow of water courses or water bodies.

Road maintenance teams may well take the decision to temporarily block off traffic. Risks are mitigated.


Mechanical characteristics

Dimensions : from 1 to 7m high (custom made structure), horizontal arm up to 5m

Material  : all aluminium
Connection  :
4-wire cable


Main features

Measuring range : 0,5 to 10 m
Accuracy :
± 1 cm
Measuring principle : measurment between send and receive of an ultrasonic pulse using a processing algorithm



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