Accueil Technologies MeteoSMS/Vox/Mail : alarm services

MeteoSMS / MeteoVox / MeteoMail : alarm services

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MeteoSMS / MeteoVox / MeteoMail : real-time alarm services


These services help to alert on-call personnel in real time when an alert is triggered:

  • MeteoSMS alert by SMS
  • MeteoVox alert by phone call
  • MeteoMail alert by e-mail



MeteoVox also allows you to view the latest weather data via a simple call to the voicemail.
Just choose the station and a voice reads out all of its data.



Alert sending principle




Advantages of alert systems


  • On-call personnel receive information wherever they are when the alert trigger conditions are met.
  • Responsiveness is optimal, a possible call-out in the field is fast, road user safety is even more assured.

These alert systems allow for precise calibration of all the weather condition alerts, their broadcasting and ensuring receipt by various means.