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MO RoadProfiler : mobile measurement reading tool

The MO RoadProfiler is a mobile tool case which allows road maintenance patrolmen to read weather data.
Anytime while in patrol in their vehicle, they can check the live and precise meteorological readings taken on the road.

The following readings are displayed every seconds :

  • Air temperature (in °C or °F)
  • Air hygrometry (in %)
  • Dew temperature (in °C or °F)
  • Road surface temperature (in °C or °F)


  • Easy to transport, to use and to store (compact, ready to use and sturdy)
  • Safe for personnel as they don’t need to leave the vehicle to take measurements
  • Outdoor data reading while the vehicle is in movement
  • Measurements taken repeatedly without any action from the user
  • Installation in less than a minute and on all types of vehicle

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MO RoadProfiler : an all-around compact tool


MO RoadProfiler components:
  • Air temperature and hygrometry sensors in a ventiled case
  • Road surface temperature by optical sensor
  • Data acquisition module
  • Data display screen LCD
  • Cigarette lighter plug


General characteristics of the MO RoadProfiler

Dimensions : 330 x 280 x 120 mm
Weight : 3,5 kg
Power supply : 12 Vdc cigarette lighter plug
Operational temperature : from -20°C to +50°C
Fixing : 2 magnets covering a surface of 310 x 90 mm

Screen characteristics

morp-afficheur-accueil-web Dimensions : 218 x 105 x 50 mm
Weight :
0,3 kg (exc. cables)
Ecran :
LCD backlight 240 x 64 pixels

Main characteristics of the meteorological sensors

Power supply : 12 Vdc cigarette lighter plug
Air temperature measurement range : -40°C to +80°C
Accuracy : ± 0,7°C
Air hygrometry measurement range : 0 to 100%
Accuracy : ± 2% from 0 to 90%



We advise you to check the calibration of the sensitive elements once a year.
Being compact and light, the case can easily be sent to our workshop to be checked and adjusted accordingly.


Set up and use

The set up of the system is very quick and simple :

  • Open up the case, remove the display screen and the cigarette lighter plug. Close the case.
  • Plug the screen cable into the case and the cigarette lighter plug into the vehicle socket.
  • Fix the case to the vehicle door with the magnets (the bottom of the case must be fixed about 40cm high from the road surface)
  • Read the live data on the display screen inside the vehicle


The screen allows you to read several datalines: all the measurements from the case can be read simultaneously.

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The magnetic support a weight of 42kg each. They are covered with a layer of rubber, and are guarantied not to damage paint or body work. They ensure a perfectly secure fit of the case onto the vehicle.

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